The Best New Thing You Havn’t Heard


I recently got into the brilliant new band Foxygen, and through them I found JUNGLE GREEN.
Jungle Green is a lone raw and fresh talent, a one person outfit creating masterfully dirty late sixties esque punk tracks in his own bedroom. The songs are a dark rock and roll frolic, equal parts gritty and visceral. Green himself says “I wrote these songs while eating pints of Häagen-Dazs coffee ice cream and crying” That’s the way to record an album.

His style is all edgy underground punk pop as camp, with lyrics that alternate from hilarious to downright beautiful.

He flips back and forth between Daniel Johnston as rock star, to sixties Doo Wop crooner, to Iggy Pop as cute sarcastic kid. His release: Jungle Green Presents:”Twelve​-​and​-​a​-​Half Minutes of the Most Beautiful Love Songs Ever Written”(July 20 2013) is gorgeous mix of unpasteurized hyper creative longing ballads and r and b tracks that are as much genre bending as they are jaw dropping. As in, Who is this person and how come I’ve never heard of him before?

When I first heard the symphonic sixties oldies ballad “The One I Love”, I listened to it about twelve times on repeat. His second single release (July 29 2013) “Brand New Flame” sounds like it literally could have been taken from a B side of Nuggets. It’s pure sixties rock and roll reminiscent of the kinds of bands that used their love of r and b and soul and merged it with that passionate sexual energy of 1967, raw unprocessed sex and soon to be punk. Brilliant.

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