Raising Our Vibration

When we raise our vibration, we deal with the same issues in life, just in a more positive, optimistic way. When we raise our vibration, we are more likely to move in a harmonious flow, toward the answers we need and things we must heal. This is a great image, from theThe Michael Teaching


I am realizing that we as energetic bodies, are so sensitive to drugs, alcohol, food, music, other people’s vampirism…..we need to set clear boundaries with ourselves  and with others to reach our peak potential.

When you are on the red  in this scale it can be so hard to get moving upward. Finding connection, joy, beauty, and love in something will ignite the soul fire that connects us. It is not overnight, it is a process. Be kind to yourself. Make adjustments. Do affirmations. Something like “I release all old patterns that are not in alignment with my higher self” said every day is life changing. You can literally speak a better future into existence.



I feel like a bomb is going off inside my body. I feel like I am starving, dying to eat anything, cereal, bread and butter, a cheeseburger from mcdonalds, anything. but i cant. i wont let myself. id rather die than shove calories and fat into my mouth. i feel like im going to scream or explode or implode. just one bite. just one smell of something. this is what cutting off your calories does. this is what its supposed to do. i reassure myself. this is all part of the game. the game you play with yourself to show you who’s stronger. to show the realms around you how divine you be, how pure. how you can resist shoving garbage into your mouth because you are light and elegant. your a princess. your air. your a goddess. this is your life, as you deal with it one second at a time. one feeling at a time. it’s not an eating disorder, this is healthy. I am fine, you tell all your friends, or you dont tell them anything, they probably wont notice anyways. even if they do they wont say anything because people dont talk that much to each other now a days. but you’ll know. you’ll look down and see the difference in your thighs and stomach and know its working. your working. your doing something, your in control and its safe here. where you plan your meals and exercise and let yourself eat fast food once a month. its going to be ok. its all going to work and your going to look great in your jeans and feel great because you got this. stay strong.