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Primary Day Blues

It is in these days, when the swirling chaos of a clearly rigged election is crashing down all around my already fragile ears, that I begin to long for the days when things were simpler. Etta James At Last blasts on my earphones and it sounds unlike other times I’ve heard it. It’s not changed or distorted by the cheesy tinge of pop culture, it’s not in a bad film, or commercial. It’s playing on my own two ears, as I look out on a San Francisco that may well have been the same since Thomas Pynchon wrote about it in The Crying of Lot 49. I very may well be carrying on the spirit of Odeipa Mass, confused and heartbroken about the structures that are unraveling and crumbling all around me. Etta clicks off and Scarborough Fair chimes on….all the truth and integrity of Simon and Garfunkel and the precious era of the Mid Nineteen Sixties. When fear was met with action, letters were written with pen and paper, and hearts were broken more gently, with more formality.

The Mid Nineteen sixties is where I often climb inside myself when I can no longer bare the thought of living in this gentrified pre apocalyptic world that has me glued to a computer screen 8 hrs a day to pay a monthly rent that, in the 60’s would have been close to quarter of a years salary. When I begin to feel sad, lost, and hopeless, I retreat to something that is in my distant memory, en grained perhaps by a past life, or just “knowing” what it was to feel the warmth and experiential chaos of this new age.

“In the Year 2525” comes on. It’s now impossible to escape from the impending doom. In the year“ ”5555 Your arms are hanging limp by your side, your legs have nothing to do, a machine is doing that for you” . How far off are these guys? They carry on with their frantic futuristic folk shouts….“You’ll pick your child from a long glass tube”

The Mid Sixties were the end of one age, the beginning of another. The apex point, one brilliant party, one brilliant expansion of consciousness, the realization that we’re in too deep. The fear that we’ve created and live in a monster of injustice. The beginning of the telephone age, the tv age, the eruption of the occult, the growth of fashion, the climax of American cinema, the absolute tops for pop music. The line when there was just enough technology to elevate life, and not enough to take it over.

I often think what folks in the 1960’s would think of us today, in our decidedly cool outfits, Instagramming more than we live, meme’ing more than we socialize, and dating as if we were confused and unsure about every step of the process. Would they want to join in or would they laugh? Foolish or wise? The climax of Generation Y I can’t tell.

Bleecker st.

Surrendering to You: The Bad Girls Guide To Giving Up Drugs



The Bad Girls Guide To Giving Up Drugs, for Good.

Maybe you’ve  felt an energetic shift lately.  Maybe it’s stress that’s finally coming to to the surface, or  a feeling of waking up hungover and thinking “I can’t live like this anymore” or maybe it’s just pure boredom at the same thing every weekend. Maybe it’s the same roll, the same come up, the same chasing after the fuck boi at the clubs so you don’t go home alone. Or maybe the Molly doesn’t work as good as it used too, or you can’t get the “good” blow anymore. Maybe you’ve lost your job, or lost friends. Maybe you got ill, wrecked your car or just thought “I don’t want to do this anymore”

Whatever led you to this point, right here right now, does not matter. Everything forward from here depends on you and your choices. You can live a really amazing life without drugs. It’s hard to see the forest from the tree’s when your in it, but actually taking some time away from drugs and alcohol can lead you to a better life than the one you have right now.

  1. Giving up drugs will not change who you really are inside

You may be afraid if you stop partying people won’t associate you with “that life” anymore and you will be seen as a total square or a loser. You may think you won’t be as interesting without the drugs, or you won’t have that glamorous kind of crutch to lean on. Well actually the opposite is true. When you stop taking drugs and drinking, you actually  start to become stronger in yourself than ever before. Stronger in you personality, stronger in your style, stronger in your aesthetic. The massive amount of energy that you once used on drugs and recovering from drugs will be transmuted  and given back to you. I know its hard to let go of who you think you are on drugs, and how that colors your personality, but I promise you, sobering up will just allow you to blossom into a much stronger sense of who you truly are.

2. You will begin to feel feelings again.

Drinking and drugging often create a barrier that keeps us out of touch with out own feelings and emotions. Once we let this guard down, and embrace our true selves so we can begin to put roots down into the parts of our psyche and subconscious that need us to be there for them. Our mind is made up of more parts than just our ego. We all have an inner child, and other pieces and parts of our psyche that have different relationships to the trauma that we’ve been through in life. When we are constantly putting our bodies and mind into a state of chaos through partying, we frighten the already scared and upset parts of our psyche. The less we communicate with them, the more they retreat, and the harder it becomes to control the weird impulses, and angry cries for attention they bring. the goal of the psyche is to become whole, and to become whole we must be sober enough to be able to recognize and work with the parts of our mind, so that we can hear and attend to them in the best way possible.

3. You Will Lose Friends But It’s OK

If you quit drugs and alcohol you may lose friends. And that’s ok. It’s more than OK because the people that fall away as you stop doing drugs and start to raise your vibration, are probably not good for you, or have your best interests in mind anyways. When we quit partying, we quit giving our energy away to people and substances that do nothing for us back in actuality. When you walk away from that world, you create a safe space for you to grow. People that give you shit about it are so caught up in their own negative energy that, as much a sit hurts to say goodbye, have no place walking with you as you further your path for the time being.

4. You can begin to focus on attracting real relationships, not on  the idiot who won’t text you back.

This is a big one. When we begin to separate from drugs and alcohol and we begin to come back into our self esteem and our own power. Someone on drugs can never truly be a good partner because the drugs at some point or another will come first. Even if you are only casually dabbling, drugs are still stealing your precious energy and ability to ground and stand tall in who you really are and the choices you make on a daily basis. Drugs and alcohol are an easy way to cover up feelings of insecurity, which are problems that need to be faced head on with feelings of compassion for ourselves and the creation of a safe space. Before we can delve into relationships with others, we need to make sure our own relationship to our self is properly in check. When we feel good we can make others feel good. When we are in charge of our self esteem, we can act like the Queens we are instead of begging for attention or playing games.

5. You don’t know how you actually look until you start to clean up

One thing that was super hard to face when your drinking and drugging and carrying a low vibration, is how  I actually looked to other people. When I first started to think about making a decision to turn away from drugs, I remember someone who I respect told me “Watching someone do drugs and drink too much is like watching someone hurting themselves” It didn’t make sense to me totally at the time ( because I was still partying) but after I quit, and had some time sober under my belt, I knew exactly what she was saying. There are so many things people on drugs do that makes them look sad, or like they’re in pain that I never noticed before.

Giving up drugs and alcohol is not easy, but it is worth it. Please leave questions in the comments below! I am here to support those who want to make a life change for the better.


In part 2 next week we will cover what/who you need to get this lifestyle going in  the right direction.





Pre Thanksgiving Ramp Up!



Hi Guys! I’m here to check in an see if, before the holidays we are all feeling the Attitude of Gratitude!!

In today’s busy and stressful world, it’s easy to begin to feel overwhelmed, under appreciated, and left out to dry. Self care and appreciation is so important, because if we don’t take care of ourselves, no one else will! Even if we are lucky enough to have people who do care for us in our lives, if we don’t take the time out to take care of ourselves first, we can begin to break down, and out pressure and stress on those around us who we see and deal with daily. That’s why good personal self care and “mental hygiene” is just as important as physical hygiene. We need to take time out for ourselves, for our bodies and our minds. Good examples of personal self care are taking time out to exercise, to eat right, and time to sit and reflect on who we are, where we are going in the big picture, and what we want for ourselves.

It’s easy to get caught up in an idea of what we want, being bombarded with constant images of people who appear to have everything, but in reality this is just not the case. We need to take time to check in with our authentic selves, who we really are, and what really makes us happy. Sure we all want more money, and money does make life easier, but the mental image, the ideas about what you need are subject to change when you start to shake off the media and other people’s idea of what you should need, vs what you actually do need, or want.  Taking time to just sit and concentrate on your breath, is so powerful. Even if you are not spiritual, you don’t have to think about anything other than just you, being there in this moment in time, breathing in, and breathing out. Think about the power of your body and your breath as you sit or stand there. Doing this for just five  or ten minutes a day, at the beginning or end of the day can greatly impact your outlook in so many positive ways!                                                                                                                                                                                               Another  powerful exercise is a gratitude journal. Instead of thinking “I don’t have this,” “I wish I had that” “It’s not fair” “ect, replace those thoughts with what you do have that you are so very thankful for. Think about those things that make you happy, that you have in your life and write them down. They might be people, things, privileges you have, whatever, but we all have things in our life that we are happy to have. Take the time to be thankful for them and write one thing, every night in a notebook. When you start to feel bad, or like everything’s going wrong, you can look back into your notebook and see everything that is going right!

Also you can do some goal setting around things that you feel are lacking in your life. Where are you feeling scarcity? You can write these ideas in a second notebook. So now that you have some things you want to change, brainstorm some ideas on how you can goal set to change these things around. Maybe it’s human communication? Well you can brainstorm some ways to go out and meet more people, or save up to visit friends you haven’t seen in a long time. Or maybe you have friends locally you haven’t seen in a while, or perhaps there’s a group or course you can join?  Maybe its physical appearance you’re unhappy with, so you can goal set an easy exercise plan to stick to every week and drinking more water or taking up a new skincare routine. Maybe it’s career and money you are struggling with. You can goal set working on your resume or talking to your supervisor about a possible promotion path. Or doing research on going back to school to get the knowledge you need to do what you really want! It’s never too late!

Your life is yours to create! You can do whatever you want, and you are much more powerful if you are positive, then if you are feeling the other way.  If you are feeling really stuck, all you need to do is begin to get clear on what you do want vs what you don’t, and then you can start to take some action. Taking time out to be grateful for what you do have though, frees the space in your mind and mental energy to begin to bring more of what makes you happy into your life, and less of what doesn’t.

Also don’t forget, if you are feeling off or weird, I would check in to see if you’ve drank enough water, had enough sleep, ate  enough food recently and stretched your muscles out. Check back in with yourself after you have done these things. Take the truly important time out to do follow through with some important self care and see if you are still feeling negatively afterwards. Sometimes all it takes is a little self care!

So treat yourself to a two brand new notebooks (one for grattitude, one for goal setting on what you want to change) some new pens and get going! Your life is yours to create.

For more info on life coaching, consultations  or readings check out my sister site The Mystical Sister! I also have this available on PDF at no cost if you want to share with loved ones!  ❤

Healthy (ier) Habits

For your health
For your health

Everybody is concerned with their health at some point even us “Millenials”. With scary threats of things like Cancer, its imperative we look around at our daily habits and weed things out, and make room for newer, healthier practices. In the past few months, I’ve tried slowly implementing little changes to my day to day life to try to stay extra healthy. I’ve always done yoga everyday, and practiced mediation and regular exercise, but I amped up my regiment with some of these researched modifications. I can tell you I feel a whole lot more grounded, and psychically connected. I have more energy, and am generally in a better mood. I still cheat and eat bad sometimes, or hold the cell phone to my ear on occasion but I’m trying really hard to stick with these changes.

1. Daily doses of chlorella, omega 3, vitamin c and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
2. Replacement of household cleaners with distilled vinegar and baking soda
3. Wash produce in vinegar and baking soda to eliminate pesticides and radiation from CA grown veggies and fruits due to Fukushima
4. trying to limit cell phone use, not touching it when its on 3G internet, not holding the phone to my head during talk, not using it in poor connection areas or walking around with it.
5. using cocnut oil an other oganic skin products on my face and hair (except for my bb cream, ugh I cant give it up)
6. Only drinking floruide treated water filter, and only cooking with Pur filtered water
7. Non flouride toothpaste
8. Cutting down/elimination of meat and dairy products, canned foods and processed foods

It doesn’t seem like much, but these changes were big for me, and I believe they have all effected me positively.It actually took me a few hours/days of research to come up with this newly implemented regimen so I thought I’d share with my readers. I strongly feel like these things are a must. We are constantly bombarded with chemicals and toxins, so we have to do our best to shield ourselves.

I’ve also dabbled a bit in binaural beats which has been fun as well, and def a stress reliever. Allegedly they can help re configure your dna as well, raising your vibration and affecting your health overall by boosting your cells. (Happy cells are healthy cells)

There are more things to do like:

elimination of microwave use (also NEVER put a plastic container in the microwave omg)
elimination of plastic containers
complete elimination of facial cosmetics
purchasing of a bio-mat (if you dont know what one is Google it)
purchasing of a dirty electricity filter
purchasing of only locally owned organic produce (so expensive/hard)
elimination of meat and gluten

Baby Steps yall! Hope this has been inspiring. Happy habits : )

Meet Two People Who Should be Celebrated Today


We all I think, at some point realize, we take our lives for granted. Frivolous arguments, expensive tastes and living on the internet have proven to be the American dream for many. For just a few moments time though, please allow yourself to peek out of your comfort zone and into the world of Multiple Sclerosis. An illness that affects about 2.5 million people in the world today. 400,000 of those living in North America. The majority of the gender of those affected are women. Women are affected twice as often as men by multiple sclerosis (MS); a phenomenon observed in nearly all autoimmune disease. Doctors, and experts can only agree on one thing, they still do not know why this is the case.

One must note that Multiple sclerosis (MS) is neither contagious nor fatal. The grade of progression may increase over time, but there are large differences between one patient and another. But these are just facts. Sometimes overwhelming and often intangible facts don’t really give us real understanding of what its like to have MS. That is why I took the time to interview Laurel Rose Purdy. A supremely courageous, kind and beautiful young soul diagnosed with the disease at 26. Laurel Rose Purdy is not a fact. She is a living breathing women, who has to face a different set of challenges than you or I on a daily basis. I recently asked her to share with us a bit of her life, her feelings and how things have changed since her diagnosis so that we may get a glimpse past the facts, and into the feelings of dealing with the disease.

When I was diagnosed with MS, I either thought I had a brain tumor or just needed glasses. My vision was out of focus and doubled, and my optometrist recommended an MRI. When I was told I had multiple sclerosis, I thought my life was over. I was 26, an am now 29, so it is still a pretty recent event. My first exposure to the disease was a very close friend of the family who struggled with Primary-Progressive MS, and we watched his health rapidly fade until MS took his life. Ten years before his death, I said I was going to cure MS.

I found that reaching out to other women in my age group with the disease made me feel grounded and a little bit more stable. My anxiety was out of control, every time I had to inject my medication was the true end of the world, and my poor fiancé (boyfriend at the time) just watched me unravel. Joining a support group of young women with the disease really helped me focus inward and be strong, as I could openly communicate any pain or frustrations I experienced.

My outlook about this can be best described by the words of a close girlfriend, who also has MS. When I was first diagnosed, she assured me that “multiple sclerosis is like a snowflake,” as it manifests differently in everyone. Nothing is truer. People tend to respond to the big reveal in terms of what they know about the disease. So, if it is a snowflake for those who have it, it is certainly a snowflake for those who have been exposed to it.

A change in treatment from young people and my friends is 50/50. A lot of people want to apologize to me when they find out. People have to realize that no one in this situation wants others to be sorry or feel bad for us. If we need help, hopefully most of us will ask. I’ve had some really tough times, which is when I reveal my vulnerability and my friends come over to help me walk my dogs. I am lucky to have a great support system, where each person involved knows how stubborn I can be. I haven’t told anyone at my job yet, because oftentimes people will see you through an MS filter despite their denial.

My fiancé, my rock, often reminds me to me remember that I am still myself. I was diagnosed not even a year into our relationship. He assured me that we would get through it. He proposed to me earlier this year and is committed to me no matter what this disease brings us. In fact, just two hours ago, he insisted on administering my medication for me when he is home.

Healing is the hardest thing to discuss when talking about a disease with no cure or consistency. I live with Relapsing-Remitting MS, which is a slow progressing form. But, I don’t know how I will feel on a day-to-day basis. I have been on three different injectable medications (most recently, Rebif), intervenous treatments like steroids and immunoglobulin, among others. I believe in the medications that are out there. The most trouble I have had with the process is facing the courage three times a week to inject myself. Seeing my skin change as a reaction to the medications has been one of the hardest things as well. If I don’t feel very different physically, it’s really hard to have a physical reminder.

Taking charge of my body in the form of supplements and diet helped my anxiety and attachment to the negativity I was feeling directly after my diagnosis. Going gluten-free and dairy-free was a hard adjustment to make, but becoming more aware of what I was consuming and truly focusing on my nutrients and alkaline/acid balance helped me feel in control. I religiously take D3, B12, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Flaxseed Oil, Primrose Oil, Probiotic, Biotin, Turmeric, Ginger, and Cranberry tablets on a daily basis. I follow through with acupuncture every week.

People will want to ask if any of that is helping. My answer will always be, I don’t know. If I believe it is helping, it will do something. A big part of multiple sclerosis is your mindset and level of stress. The calmer your mind is, the more at ease your body is. The biggest piece of advice I can offer to those of you newly diagnosed is to listen to yourself before anyone else. Everyone is going to want to offer advice on your diet, your geographical location, your form of exercise, and your lifestyle. Do what seems right for you, after you’ve done your own research. No one knows your body like you know your body.

Laurel and her Fiance Daniel
Laurel and her Fiance Daniel

So now, how can one person help? Well I also recently interviewed Chad Graci, who is Co-Chair on the board of the Louisiana MS Society. This Friday, November 15th, the foundation will be having a fundraiser for those with MS. It will feature a dinner, music and an art auction, and promises to be a wonderful evening, in true Louisiana style. Chad has worked tirelessly on this event, coordinating with artists and many more, to ensure that this evening is a fun and positive experience for those attending, and a tremendously helpful experience for those they are fundraising for. I sat down with Chad and asked him about this event:

Chad Graci, Co Chair of the Louisiana MS Foundation
Chad Graci, Co Chair of the Louisiana MS Foundation

Tell us how about the foundation, and your/their goals: The Louisiana chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society’s goal is to raise money for people living with MS in the state of Louisiana. They do this through the bike, the walk and the annual Vintage Affair party. (

Tell us how you got involved with the foundation. A friend of mine has MS and asked me to help out

Tell us a bit about the auction and how it directly benefits those with MS: All proceeds go to those living with MS in Louisiana. Last year, the auction and ticket sales raised about $40,000.00

If you are in the Louisiana area please visit

If you are not check out this part of the website to see how you can get involved to help! YOUR CONTRIBUTION DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!