I feel like a bomb is going off inside my body. I feel like I am starving, dying to eat anything, cereal, bread and butter, a cheeseburger from mcdonalds, anything. but i cant. i wont let myself. id rather die than shove calories and fat into my mouth. i feel like im going to scream … More Restricting

Andy’s World

Andy’s World IF YOU HAVEN’T check out ANDY’S WORLD yet, please do yourself a much needed favor and soak in the unique and sometimes hilarious and always engaging blog by the delicious Andy Animal. This particular article is about my second hometown (the first is Rhinebeck) Kingston NY! So many delicious vintage commercials here. If … More Andy’s World

La Provence

Last week we at MPI Gulf states Chapter took a trip to La Provence,  and had an amazing meal! I can’t stop raving about it! We saw an awesome panel of guests talk about sustainability, and corporate social responsibility (ie making sure your company is aware of  and utilizing all the great green initiatives out … More La Provence