I feel like a bomb is going off inside my body. I feel like I am starving, dying to eat anything, cereal, bread and butter, a cheeseburger from mcdonalds, anything. but i cant. i wont let myself. id rather die than shove calories and fat into my mouth. i feel like im going to scream or explode or implode. just one bite. just one smell of something. this is what cutting off your calories does. this is what its supposed to do. i reassure myself. this is all part of the game. the game you play with yourself to show you who’s stronger. to show the realms around you how divine you be, how pure. how you can resist shoving garbage into your mouth because you are light and elegant. your a princess. your air. your a goddess. this is your life, as you deal with it one second at a time. one feeling at a time. it’s not an eating disorder, this is healthy. I am fine, you tell all your friends, or you dont tell them anything, they probably wont notice anyways. even if they do they wont say anything because people dont talk that much to each other now a days. but you’ll know. you’ll look down and see the difference in your thighs and stomach and know its working. your working. your doing something, your in control and its safe here. where you plan your meals and exercise and let yourself eat fast food once a month. its going to be ok. its all going to work and your going to look great in your jeans and feel great because you got this. stay strong.


Andy’s World

Andy’s World

IF YOU HAVEN’T check out ANDY’S WORLD yet, please do yourself a much needed favor and soak in the unique and sometimes hilarious and always engaging blog by the delicious Andy Animal. This particular article is about my second hometown (the first is Rhinebeck) Kingston NY! So many delicious vintage commercials here. If your familiar to Upstate NY , you’ll especially love. CLICK ON THE ABOVE LINK MARKED ANDY’S WORLD AND EN-JOY

La Provence

Last week we at MPI Gulf states Chapter took a trip to La Provence,  and had an amazing meal! I can’t stop raving about it! We saw an awesome panel of guests talk about sustainability, and corporate social responsibility (ie making sure your company is aware of  and utilizing all the great green initiatives out here) and we had a tour of La Provence by Chef Erick Loos, showing how La Provence is leading the way for restaurants to be green! From using recyclable materials for party accoutrement, to growing their own fresh herbs and vegetables in their garden on premises, Chef Erick and his team really focus on freshness and environmental protection. They even raise chickens, goats and pigs in the back which they use in the restaurant. The lunch was superb, and the service excellent.  You could really taste the freshness of the vegetables and the chicken and I savored the love and care that went into the dishes. I’m still dreaming about it!  totally having my birthday dinner there, and its a great opportunity to take a limo up to La Combe!  ; ) Here’s some pics:

SUCH a beautiful private room.
Our Menu
Chicken Fricaise with fresh carrots, zucchini, and cream chesse gnocchi! Yum!
The On-site Garden at La Provence


Chef Erick Loos of La Provence, Christina Kogos of Voice of the Wetlands, Ginger Boutwell of Neill Corp. and Katherine Manfredi of MPI International