Nothing makes a statement like fashion. And no single item of fashion can rival the classic white tee or tank as far as statement making.  The white tee says, look at me, and all I am, I AM the art, I am the fashion. But when you add a brilliant design on the front, your taking the statement, and yourself to a whole new level. And thanks to Brett LaBauve at New Orleans very own, BOUFFANT BOUFFANT, I am ready to make my summer statement.


For several years I’ve been searching ASOS, Etsy and yes, even Nasty Gal for a simple shirt, who’s design said something about me AND that I could wear with leggings. Something that conveyed my essence  in a design, a FEELING, an ambiance. But all my browser ended up sorting through was tired galaxy prints,  lame phrases (adults do suck, yes we get it) and fake esoteric symbols. But when I inadvertently stumbled upon  BOUFFANT BOUFFANT’s  luxurious and  tongue in cheek tee’s and tanks at an April trunk show at New Orlean’s Blue Dream Vintage,I knew I had found what I was looking for in these strikingly original handmade printed tee’s and tanks.

Somehow, some way, BOUFFANT BOUFFANT has been able to sum up an entire lifestyle, into his designs. You see a very modern  fresh, clean desire for luxury, with a very classic, foreboding gothic underpinning in his front face designs.  There is a clear emotional intelligence, and a wry and observant sense of humour in each print.  Wearing a BOUFFANT BOUFFANT tee is like getting your picture taken next to a slick black 1987 Lamborghini by a in-ground pool, holding a fresh organic muddled cocktail and listening to The Cures “Three Imaginary Boys”. The swagger is smart, comfortable,  DIY couture, and punk at heart. Not to mention I received expert customer care picking out selections that I am so excited to have because they are soon to be retired originals. Attention to the customer means a lot to me in a shopping world where you can wait 48 hours for an email response, or  be holding for an hour on the phone. Bouffant Bouffant made me feel like my purchase mattered, and what I wanted was important. If I could shop with that kind of integrity every day I’d be a happy girl.

BOUFFANT BOUFFANT’s aesthetic is intelligent, luxurious, fun, and wearing an all knowing smirk.  I can’t wait to get my hands on more…the skys the limit, and I cant wait to see whats next. ❤









MY SWAG #bouffantbouffant #houseofbroel #limitededition #luxury #sohappy
MY SWAG #bouffantbouffant #houseofbroel #limitededition #luxury #sohappy




Today I’m happy to blog about a terrific  new magazine in the NEW ORLEANS area that you should be tres excited about! MOMMA TRIED is happening, and it features some wonderful up and coming New Orleans writers and photographers in a collaboration that aims to re create that special dirty intellectual spark you may have felt finding your fathers Playboy or Penthouse magazines from the seventies.  Full of brilliant photographers,  talented stylists and and heterogeneous models, you should have no problem breezing happily through their first issue.  Drawing on themes such as Kenneth Anger, childrens games of the sixties and the iconic Stevie Nicks as inpso, its going to be hard to put the damn thing down I’m sure! Check out their Kickstarter vid for more info on the publication and how you can be a part of its launch!

MOMMA TRIED Kickstarter


Also here are some sneak preview images from the first issue:


PS. Also you can check out my post about one of their super talented photogs Sarrah Danziger, in my blog archives! XO

Fall Haul! So Far….

In honour of my dear friend Andy Animale, in a rare tribute to his”haul” posts I’m posting my own. These are some awesome items I picked up recently at some of my favorite thrift stores and clothing exchanges in the New Orleans area. I traded in an old scarf, a belt I had never worn and a pair of 80’s pumps for some amazing sunglasses at Funky Monkey on Magazine St, then traded in a skirt and some old sweaters and shirts for this amazing new sweater by boutique designer Karina (which is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I also picked up a black one not shown here) and the best of all, this AMAZING synthetic fur coat by Elliana New York for $25.00 dollars at Goodwill! Wow! Can’t wait for it to get cool so I can snuggle up in it!

Sunglass score from Funky Monkey on Magazine
New sweater at Buffalo Exchange, also on Magazine
Gorgeous Elliana New York coat from Goodwill on W. Esplanade!

Want It, Have It, Something Like It

All shoes by Jeffrey Cambell available on Super luxe and comfy tunics by Mark And Estel of LA…or visit UAL in the French Quarter for an amazing selection of Mark and Estel. Seriously one of my two favorite designers right now (the other one being LNA also from LA and available at UAL,) Mark and Estel is all about chic and unusual shapes, and super luxe comfort. There like the super coziest comfy pieces of clothing ever. It is my daily uniform to wear a tunic top from them with leggings. Check em out!