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Breathwork, the Alchemical Key


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Being on a journey of healing can be rewarding, but it doesn’t come without consistent challenges. As you heal one layer of “stuff” another layer comes to the surface, in different voices or costumes, looking for the same healing that was bestowed on the part before it. A person can think a million thoughts a minute, can love someone one second and hate them the next, can be open and then closed, can become enlightened and then frustrated. The nature of life, and the day in age we live, is always testing our healing and our boundaries. It seems at times that mastering the self can be a harder task than you ever thought possible.

Healing is so simple and yet so complex. We have so many voices and identities attached to our fragile psyches. The voice of the mother and the father, the unconscious impressed images of neglect, anger or depression we saw as children in small or big ways. The tones of the changes or elementary school through high school graduation. The pressure of college and working years. The overt challenge of coming into a communicable identity and paying your way through an apartment house job and daily meals.

When starting a healing practice one often times finds relief. A moment of clarity after exercise. Increased happiness post yoga. True peace after an epsom salt bath. A beautiful synchronicity after a workshop. These moments of perspective shift our lens, and refocus us back into our true selves. Who we really are when you peel away the pain, the stress and the debt.

When you heal, you feel illuminated by your own inner love. It is a moment that is hard to forget in theory, but in practice, grounding with that feeling over a long term can prove to be sometimes difficult. The next day can bring a stressful commute, a mean coworker, or an unexpected bill that flurries you out of your positive orbit and back into the dark zone.

So how do we keep our tender and precious selves afloat in times of trouble. I often forget that when I start to spiral out into a stress related world of my own creation I am very simply, forgetting to breathe. A simple movement like re focusing on my breath, and centering myself can being the crashing din of stress and confusion to a halt. When we connect with our breath, we connect with the vital source that is life itself. Oxygen begins to flow and expand through all parts of our central nervous system, our brain, our heart and begin to create an alchemical  reaction of calm. Just as simply as a bad phone call stirred us up, we are brought to amends by the powerful calming breath, in and out, like the ocean tide.

In moments of struggle this is so easy to forget. In great moments of healing we forget. We forget that sometimes the easiest thing to do is juts breathe. You are a different person when you breathe. You are more alive, more truly you. You begin to connect with the source and that can often make troubles, bad moods and difficulties fall by the wayside.

If you are struggling right now in anyway, put your struggles to the side and tend to your breath. If for only 3 minutes you just tend to you, and your breathe, you’ve done enough. hold on to your breath and things will become clearer. Your troubles may not go away, but they will become easier to overcome.

Check out the below link to discover some really amazing and impressive breathing practices.

Breathing Techniques from 3H0




Eclipse at 3 Libra Thoughts

The upcoming Eclipse in Libra on the 23rd is making ppl cranky, exhausted, and it’s probably prompting your ex ‘s to blow up your inbox, or haunt your suddenly erratic dreams. Whats in the past should probs stay there, and this energy is just a watery apparition, checking your sentimental neurons and testing your ability to “be here now”. If they’re blocked, please leave them blocked, no FB or IG stalking and no drama with them, or their new peeps if they’re dating. South node is going cray, so lay off the regret fueled drama, and use the introspection to move forward, not backward. Also get some extra zzzz, take more baths and don’t shove ppl on public transportation or in the grocery. Throw on some Pete Yorn or Explosions in the Sky & go to bed early 💖👌👽👍


Tarot tools and Imbolc 2016

The tarot is such a powerful tool for not only the sacred act of divination, but also the precious act of turning inward and looking at oneself, and illuminating what needs to be healed. Its mystic and mythic images and symbols engage our minds in the story of our own lives, snd through this sacred language, feelings are illuminated, understanding is reached, and new paths can be taken. Life is so challenging. The stress of every day life vs our traumas, dramas and relationships can be too much to bear sometimes. Even energy workers, healers and carriers of the light have challenges. In fact, I believe all of my traumas and life challenges have led me down a path of being able to work with others who are suffering or in pain, because  I have experienced so much of it myself  Earlier today I was inclined to give myself a tarot reading as I was feeling really depressed and saddened. I was in a sense, feeling oppressed by the American lifestyle and feeling unsure of where and how to direct my energies. I knew that tarot, would have answers for me. I gave myself this reading on Imbolc, which proved to be quite helpful. I used the past present and future spread. A simple spread using only three cards. One on the far left  for past, middle for present, last card for future. These are literally your past, present and future. This is a great spread to play with when starting tarot. The Five of Cups in the past slot showed that I was coming from loss, and sadness. The Five of Cups represents moving on. The present position is the Four of Cups, harkening me to realize that there are many beautiful things around me, but I am acting under appreciative to the “cups of gold” that surround my life. The Cups rule emotion, and this card is telling of someone (myself) so caught up in my dissatisfaction, or what I do not have, I am missing the love and beauty that surrounds me. Lastly, in the promising future position, I have the perfect card for financial and worldly new beginnings. Aces are always the seed cards, the beginning if something exciting. Pentacles rules finances and career so this is a beautiful omen. The beauty of tarot is that the pictures tell the story. Anyone can learn to read.


Sometimes we must be reminded to celebrate what we do have, and be grateful for that. It is always possible to make changes. Meditation also helped me clear a new path in my brain today to bring me back to a place of happy and fulfilled. Meditation combined with vitamins and the warm guidance of the tarot brought me out if my funk, and into celebration on this Imbolc. There are so many tools out there to use. Find something that brings you happiness and learn it. Find something you connect to, and be like a child, playing  snd imagining, learning. Many thanks given for the tools I have found, and the courage to nourish my gifts and connect. Blessed Be.


The Psychedelia of Wholeness

When we allow ourselves to live, unbiased by substances or chemical ridden food, we create space to truly be ourselves. The comfort created by this space is perfect, and truly joyful. No longer do we face daily misery, confusion, depression, anxiety. Our inner light burns these dramas away, and the real us emerges.

Now that we are further along into the Age of Aquarius, it seems that those who are truly radical turning away from drugs and alcohol, and finding far more psychedelia in wholeness. The soft revolution of the  patient healing soul has begun.

You will feel happiness.

Mysticism is innate, it’s inside each if us. Turn inward and you will release the magick inside of you. You have to fight hard enough to get yourself up and pass thru the door. You can get from pain and depression or even feeling lackluster to bliss. You can. You need to gather  your will and you need to practice. Something  physical  as elaborate or as small as you can do, it doesn’t  matter. It is the act, the force of using your will to heal yourself. This is the first  step. Pass through this door and true bliss is yours. Your world will go from a prison to a palace. From dark  to light, from hell to heaven. Just get yourself up, and push yourself  into yoga, ritual, singing a mantra, meditating,  lighting a candle and asking for help, stretching in the floor, calling a friend, believing  you are worth more. Today is the last day you  are depressed. You listen to your self and you start to do and your life is transformed. You put the internet  down, you put the self destruction down, you start to draw, or paint, or dance or smile. Today is yours.

If anyone  needs help I am here. Message me. I will steer you in the right direction. I can love you enough to get you loving yourself. No fee. Just love. The 1960’s were the start, the honour is carrying the torch and handing each and every one of you the gift of lifting yourself out of the blahs and into the ah’s. Come over to this side of happiness. Love your self. Contemplate this and use your will to find a better way.


Paul Laffoly Astrological Ourobouros  1965