Gaga and The Illuminati….Will It Ever End?

I’ve published some articles on here that have talked about whether or not Lady Gaga has any connection to the Illuminati and or esoteric occult themes or not. Check them out here and here, for some background of your unfamiliar with the concept:

But now, I address the issue of Truthquakes Report that she allegedly bathed in blood at the Intercontinental Hotel, and then met up with some Scottish Freemasons after the fact.  And why not? I just performed a Gaga cover over the weekend for the “But Is It Art” Fair in Washingston DC, and if I could have gone out and partied with some Freemasons after the show you bet your Alter of Baphomet I would have!

Here’s a repost of the article

By Staff

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: A housekeeper at London’s Intercontinental Hotel reported on Sunday that Lady Gaga, during a previous stay this summer, left large amounts of blood in the bathtub of the fashionable suite the pop princess occupied in July.

She reported the incident to the concierge, Andrea Miller, at the time and was told to put it out of her mind.

The maid’s name is being withheld by Scotland Yard for her protection.

Lady Gaga at iHeart Radio Music Festival with What Looks Like Face & Body of Baphomet, the Devil Behind on Screen

Whether this incident was a Satanic ritual or not is unknown.

Miller confirmed Lady Gaga’s bloody hotel incident to by email.

It was also noted to our reporter that at the time of the incident Lady Gaga met with leaders of the Scottish Rite Freemasons, which is an organization known to be a link between the Illuminati and members of the British royal family.

An official police report from the London Home Office of Police (Scotland Yard) was used for this article.

The photographs of Lady Gaga covered in blood are from the 2011 iHeart Radio Music Festival that was held at the MGM Grand Casino Hotel in Las Vegas Saturday.

She performed with her band and later with the bisexual musician Sting.

The performance? Sure she strutted around the stage like a German female dominatrix commanding the audience but does that maker her an Illuminati puppet? My best friend has similar jackets, and shes generally what you would call chill.

Sure she also played Bad Romance, whose original video is teeming with occult symbols, but isn’t it a coincidence? Maybe I’m just finally brainwashed from all the brain scrambling techno. Or maybe I just don’t care. Or really, how I feel about it, is, if she is friends with the Illuminati, I’m psyched,.After all we still don’t really know the esoteric who’s who of  the underlying political landscape, and as far as I know the Rites of Freemasonry are something to be studied, and treated with respect.

Heres some video from I Heart Radio Fest to ponder on…..


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