“I fall asleep in an American Flag, I wear my 💎’s”

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unworthy, petty, shallow and silly women………let it roll baby. True beauty, and real Temperance always wins.

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Sometimes in Life, you Meet horrible, petty disgusting people who want nothing but to destroy how beautiful you are, inside and out..

let it roll. they have nothing to start with and nothing to end with. As above, so below.

“It takes two to make an accident.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

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Totally worth the trouble <3

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I find that most people have very little clue as to who I actually am.



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I know there’s been a lot of controversy with Beyonce and her new visual album, and the tag “feminist” being attached to it, and Beyonce herself. Some people think its ridiculous, and some people are touched.

I can tell you that I never really paid Beyonce much attention on an emotional level before. Even though some of her songs in the past had touched me, I always held her image as sort of bigger than life, and on the back burner inside my own head. I never equated her with a real message, other than what it’s like to be heartbroken, or how to get pumped before a night on the town.

But when Bey’s new visual album which secretly dropped on Friday the 13th, December 2013, I was hit with some unexpected and overwhelming feelings. As I child I had worked , or been worked I should say as a pageant kid, in constant competitions in beauty pageants and televison and movie castings. I’ve had electrolosis at 5 years old, makeup on since I was 3, and been told all my life to stand straight, look pretty and keep quiet. I have felt the PAIN of what it’s like to be in the spotlight and lose. I have felt the emotional turmoil that being a competitor in the industry brings someone. I have been in that seat, on Star Search, losing. I have puked up my food, I have been ridiculed by my competitors, and I have been at a total loss for words.

Sow hen I saw Pretty Hurts, I was floored seeing that Beyonce is stripping down to her soul, and letting me know she felt the same way. Beyonce puts all of her angst, and hurt of the past on the screen for what it really is. She’s shown doing those exact same things. She shows literally what a beautiful nightmare the entrainment/beauty industry can be. But it’s not a song about wallowing in the pain. It’s not about being upset. It’s about carrying on. It’s about letting go. She says about the video in an interview on global grind: “The trophy represents all the sacrifices I made as a kid, all the time I lost on the road, in the studios as a child. And I just want to blow that shit up! Nothing feels like my child saying mommy, or looking into my husbands eyes. Nothing feels like when I’m respected , when I get on the stage and see that I’m changing peoples lives. Those are the things that matter. Enjoy life. That’s the message”

After i heard Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter say those words, tears fell from my eyes. She summed up exactly the time and energy of now, today, of whats happening to girls who feel like they have the inkling to let it all go and shed their skin. She is encouraging my feeling of wanting to, needing to blow the past up and to let it all go. No her song is not about wallowing in the pain, it is about rebelling and being inspired by who that pain has made you, to move up and on to being a better person in life. A better person in the soul. Can you really argue with that feeling? How that’s made someone feel? To feel alive and inspired, ecnoruaged and emotionally hugged by someone you’ve never met? Can you critique that as not feminism? As wrong? As silly? because its real to me.

People love to nitpick about feminism and what it means and whats real and whats not, and whats acceptable and whats un acceptable. I don’t really know or care about all that. I just know that this song, and these words, this woman, has summed up how I’ve felt my entire life, and put it out there to INSPIRE ME, to blow it up, and out of the ashes rise like a Phoenix.

I don’t care about whether you think Beyonce is “real” or not. Or if you think she sucks or is great. I know a real artist when I see her. Music is an art, and pop music a branch and some things are as faceless as a Warhol soup can, and some are as breathtaking as a Picasso. Real recognizes real and I see myself in this song, so even if it just has touched me, it’s art. Beyonce is a strong female presence and I respect her. feminist or not.

Healthy (ier) Habits

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For your health

For your health

Everybody is concerned with their health at some point even us “Millenials”. With scary threats of things like Cancer, its imperative we look around at our daily habits and weed things out, and make room for newer, healthier practices. In the past few months, I’ve tried slowly implementing little changes to my day to day life to try to stay extra healthy. I’ve always done yoga everyday, and practiced mediation and regular exercise, but I amped up my regiment with some of these researched modifications. I can tell you I feel a whole lot more grounded, and psychically connected. I have more energy, and am generally in a better mood. I still cheat and eat bad sometimes, or hold the cell phone to my ear on occasion but I’m trying really hard to stick with these changes.

1. Daily doses of chlorella, omega 3, vitamin c and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
2. Replacement of household cleaners with distilled vinegar and baking soda
3. Wash produce in vinegar and baking soda to eliminate pesticides and radiation from CA grown veggies and fruits due to Fukushima
4. trying to limit cell phone use, not touching it when its on 3G internet, not holding the phone to my head during talk, not using it in poor connection areas or walking around with it.
5. using cocnut oil an other oganic skin products on my face and hair (except for my bb cream, ugh I cant give it up)
6. Only drinking floruide treated water filter, and only cooking with Pur filtered water
7. Non flouride toothpaste
8. Cutting down/elimination of meat and dairy products, canned foods and processed foods

It doesn’t seem like much, but these changes were big for me, and I believe they have all effected me positively.It actually took me a few hours/days of research to come up with this newly implemented regimen so I thought I’d share with my readers. I strongly feel like these things are a must. We are constantly bombarded with chemicals and toxins, so we have to do our best to shield ourselves.

I’ve also dabbled a bit in binaural beats which has been fun as well, and def a stress reliever. Allegedly they can help re configure your dna as well, raising your vibration and affecting your health overall by boosting your cells. (Happy cells are healthy cells)

There are more things to do like:

elimination of microwave use (also NEVER put a plastic container in the microwave omg)
elimination of plastic containers
complete elimination of facial cosmetics
purchasing of a bio-mat (if you dont know what one is Google it)
purchasing of a dirty electricity filter
purchasing of only locally owned organic produce (so expensive/hard)
elimination of meat and gluten

Baby Steps yall! Hope this has been inspiring. Happy habits : )


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